Guide to Margarita’s Beaches and Woods – Bring your Bikini and a Knife

What to Do on Margarita’s Beaches? The beaches are magnificent. They are magnet for tourists. There are the very first reason the tourists came to the island. The water is crystal clear. There are few different beaches, each offering something different – there are beaches with calm water, where you can spend a peaceful day and enjoy the calm water and fine white sand. A relaxing day, and the only sounds you’ll hear will be the birds singing, the waves calmly splashing the shores and the summer wind wishing you a good vacation. However, there are other beaches as well. … Continue Reading →

Should you rent or buy your own workout gear?

Staying fit during your holiday is no longer a foggy dream. It is becoming a reality with the efforts of the fitness friendly hotels. More and more hotels embrace the practice and offer fitness gear for rent. The good news is that the prices are low and you can get a pair of running shoes for just 5 bucks for your whole stay. The hotels are offering both footwear and apparel for workouts so their guests don’t have to think about packing their own. You can get everything – pants, shirts, socks and even sport bras. If you are disgusted … Continue Reading →

Travel Tips

For those who love to be prepared, we’ve compiled a list with tips for them. Get a pen and paper and jot down the following (or simply print this page): ELECTRICITY: A 60 Hz and 120 V power system are used on Margarita island. The power plugs are identical to those used in North America (A and B type power plugs). WHAT TO SEE: The Margarita Island is known as the Pearl of the Caribbean. There are literally dozens of beautiful beaches wait for you. There are isolated beaches on the west side of the island, and awesome tropical beaches full … Continue Reading →

Margarita Island Overview

Margarita is the largest island in Nueva Esparta (Venezuela), situated off the northeastern coast of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. Nueva Esparta State consists of three islands: Margarita Island, Coche Island and Cubagua Island. You will more than likely see the brighter side of Margarita first. The east end of Margarita island has considerable resort development. The west end of Margarita Island is the Macanao Peninsula. Isla Margarita is somewhat still not quite popular tourist destination but, the island is full of friendly people, amazing beaches and wonderful sunsets over the ocean.

Sewing on the Road: Taking Your sewing machine on Vacation

Some people may call it a curse, others may call it a type of addiction but I don’t really care about all that, I can’t forget about sewing even when I’m on a vacation. So I always carry my mini sewing machine Janome Fuschia around with me, no matter where I’m going.or how long I’ll be staying there. Well I’m exactly not going to carry it if I’m going away for just a day but you get the point. So If you’re like me and you don’t quite love the thought of being separated from sewing, stick around for a while. … Continue Reading →