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Margarita Island Tours

Margarita Island Tour Guide

For a few hours or the whole day you can go for a tour with an English speaking American driver and guide to pick you up from the Porlamar airport, take you shopping or tour the interesting locations on Isla Margarita.

Welcome to Crusin-N-Style. My name is Marcella Tinsman and I would like to be your tour guide while you are visiting Isla de Margarita. My husband and I have lived here since 1999 we both think it's a beautiful island. A wonderful vacation place. I would love to tour you around the island so you can see the beauty of it yourself. There are many things to see and do while you are here. We own a Ford Explorer so you'll be riding in comfort with ice cold air conditioning.

This is what we offer:

Porlamar Airport Transfers and Pickups - arrivals and departures for only US$30 per trip (total price for up to 4 adults).

We will come to the Margarita Island (Porlamar) airport and take you to your destination anywhere on the island. We will also do the return transfer from your hotel to the Isla Margarita airport. We can carry up to four people and we have roof racks for extra luggage room. For this service we will need to know your complete flight information: date, airline, flight number, arrival time and full name of at least one passenger. PRICE: US$30 per trip.

Tours of the Island- We will pick you up at your hotel and take you on a tour of the more interesting areas of Margarita Island. This includes stopping along the way for scenic pictures or for whatever else you may choose to do. We can stop for lunch (not included in price) at one of the many great restaurants on the Island.

Cruise ship passengers: We would be happy to provide you with a tour of the Island while you are in port. Maximum number of passengers is 4. After your tour we can return you directly to your ship.

General Tour Information:

PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE THE UPDATED PRICES...in our Margarita Island Vacation.info ebook it's still states the lesser price but it is NO LONGER in effect. We are currently updating our ebook to reflect this change. thanks for your patience.

Cost: 4 hours: $90 U.S. Dollars Total Not per person

6 hours: $110 U.S. Dollars

8 hours: $130 U.S. Dollars

Tour hours and prices are the same whether you choose to Tour the Island or Just choose to do a Shopping! Tour while visiting Margarita Island.

Basic outline of a 4 hour tour:

Overview of the Island Margarita is known for being the pearl island. La Casa de las Munecas (Queen Sophia of Spain has visited here) this place has more than 5,000 original pearl neck! laces, largest on the island plus local handmade pottery and craft items. There are various artesian shops where you can purchase something made on Margarita, even hammocks.

We stop at a castle; fort (not necessarily for the historical but for the scenic view); Famous Churches on Margarita; La Sierra (El Copey) which is the highest mountain peak (that we can drive to) on the island where you can take beautiful pictures over looking Margarita. We can stop at a Botanical Garden's where some of the plants are grown on the island can be seen in one area. We also stop at Margarita's most famous beach known as Playa el Agua; there is a mini flee market to purchase souvenirs. We drive through Juan Greigo which is known for sunsets, shopping and beautiful beaches. We also drive around the northern tip of the island (in my opinion the most beautiful) where you can take scenic pictures. There are lots of things to see and do depending on the tour time that you choose to book.

For 6 hours:

What's stated above plus options:

take time for lunch or snack (panaderia-breads,pastries) not included in price; a little shopping; visit La Restinga National Park and take a 30 minute or 1 hour boat ride through mangroves and see different wildlife- not included in price.

*************please email us for the price, thank you*******************


For 8 hours:

What's stated in a 4 hour tour plus even more options:

take time for lunch and try Margarita's authentic food or a place of your choice-not included in price; Shopping downtown or flee market or place of your choice; visit La Restinga National Park (please check for prices) and have choice of 30 minutes or 1 hour boat tour- not included in price plus collect shells at La Restinga's beach; or visit Boca de Rio's Marine Museum; and if you would like 1 or 2 hours of beach time at a nice beach of your choice or I can recommend one.


If interested in a tour please check with us for availability.

Email: crusin_n_style_mv@yahoo.com

Cell: + 58 416 291 1926

Also please click here for a map print out once you've booked with us, Thank You !


Please note once you request a reservation 'we are commiting' to the dates you request. Since we do not require a deposit please be sure to 'confirm' the dates your are requesting with us.

Click here to see one of the many tours we offer. We were on this Boat Tour to La Restinga National Park with our tourists. Enjoy!


Also please click here for a map print out once you've booked with us, Thank You !

Here's a few review's from Member's of the CruiseCritic Board about Crusin-N-Style:

December 11th, 2005, 03:24 PM
Location: Boynton Beach, FL
Join Date: Apr 2002
Cool Cruiser
Posts: 524

Our guides were an American couple who moved to Margarita 6 years ago. They took us through the big city...Polamar and then up to the mountains. We went through some small fishing villages and also stopped at a great souvenir place. We stopped at a fort and also a castle and a few other scenic spots. The beach we went to was Playa el Agua. They were going to take us to a place where we could take a boat through the mangroves but the rain ruled that out. There is a flea market right by the beach...but they were all closed up due to the rain. Marcella and Steve are a super nice couple. They helped us figure out prices and stayed with us at all times. They have good knowledge of the island and were very accomodating to whatever we wanted to do. You could tell they really felt bad that we weren't seeing everything on a sunny day. I found them through a website while doing research and I had also seen them mentioned on these boards with good things said about them. I can send you Marcella's email if you'd like. They have an SUV, so they can only take 4 people per tour. They really seem to enjoy showing people the island and were very friendly. Liz



December 27th, 2005, 01:47 PM
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 86
Cool Cruiser

Talking Margarita Island Tour Just off the Golden Princess cruise. Was on Margarita on the 21st of dec. Did the Island tour with CRUSIN-N-STYLE. This tour was one of our cruise high lights. It's a husband and wife run tour co. has only one vehicle. They know the Island and will take you any place you want to go to. My wife ran out of her sinus congestion medication and told them about it within 5 minutes they had us at a super market. Just wish they were that well stocked here inthe States. Our first stop was to THE LAGUNA LA RESTINGA NATIONAL PARK. Was the 1st. group to get in took the 30 minute tour the park is out standing we saw seahourses, starfish, all types of birds and plants. All the areas have thier own names. From there went into the mountains ,then thru cities, small villages, fishing villages, and to the beach of El Agua, to a small open market then to the west coast. THE VIEW of the coast line and the beaches there made us wish for more time. The beaches there had very little or none useage. they said that we will be back by 12:20 pm for the 12:30 boarding they got us there early, by one minute ,even doing thier nomal tour route and the places we wanted to see and visit ALL I CAN SAY THANKS MARCELLA PAUL AND ROSELLEN



March 19th, 2006, 05:04 PM
Join Date: March 2006
Posts: 3
Cool Cruiser

Isla de Margarita - Crusin-N-Style Tour

Marcella and Steve were our tour guides who were originally from the USA and are living on Margarita Island. We set up a private four hour tour with them and wanted to see the local fare - We stopped at several places and sampled local beer and food. We ended up bringing two people with us from the ship and we had a BLAST. Marcella and Steve are very outgoing and most generous sharing their island with us. We toured in an air conditioned Ford Explorer and for the price it really was a bargain. You can reach them by e-mail: Crusin_N_Style_MV@yahoo.com or at www.margaritaislandvacation.info THANKS MARCELLA AND STEVE - WE HAD A GREAT TIME SUSAN AND STEVE !!!!! (3/8/06)

March 19th, 2006, 05:32 PM
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 16
Cool Cruiser

Susan & Steve hit the nail on the head. We were there last month. I agree with every word you have said here.

Maria and Richard



“the best way to see the island!!!”

Crusin n Style

Jul 22, 2007
3/3 found this review helpful

We where in margarita from the 9th to the 24th of june this year. Before we went we booked cruisin n style over the internet, after reading about it on trip advisor.It was the best decision we made. Marcella and steve are wonderful.They will take you where you want to go ,and will answer any questions i.e best place to change money etc. We booked the 6 hour trip and other than our day at Angel Falls this was the best day of our holiday. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is going to margarita. The couple are so friendly and helpful .Booking a trip with them will give you the best view of the island.Not the tourist only view that you get by booking through your holiday reps.
Thanks Marcella and Steve we had a great day.


Read about Crusin N Style on TripAdvisor.com, they were rated the top #1 Tourist Attraction


Traveler rating: Margarita Island: Crusin n Style: "Very satisfying experience & excellent value" Pooterb Feb 18, 2007 View larger photo We (2 couples) just returned from a 2 week stay at the Lagunamar resort. The trip was excellent with our only regret being unable to speak more Spanish. Before leaving home, I had pre-booked via email an 8 hour tour of the island with Marcella & Steve from Crusin-N-Style. Other options are 4 and 6 hour tours. Our tour was the highlight of our entire stay plus it was so beneficial in so many ways. Marcella & Steve are a very warm and friendly couple who speak perfect English & have lived on the island for 7 years so they are very familiar with both the language & the landscape. They picked us up at our resort in a roomy, air conditioned, Ford Explorer at 9:00 AM and brought us back at 5:00 PM for a total cost of $120.00 US.

Before we started our tour, they asked us if there was anything specific we wanted to see or do. We said we wanted to get some good quality pearls for the ladies and we 2 gents wanted to arrange a day of deep sea fishing. We also had a wish list of different things to see but told Marcella & Steve, you are the guides so take us to whatever you recommend. It was amazing the amount of things we did & the sights we saw. It turned out one of the major benefits was the fact we decided how long we wanted to stay at any given place, unlike the Jeep Safari tours where you sit crowded in the back of an open air jeep, convoy style. On that type of tour, you have no say as to how long to spend at any given place as when the convoy is ready to pull out, you have to leave. Also, because of the large number of people, there is not the personalized service. Crusin-N-Style does not provide a meal or booze but we were welcome to purchase anything we wanted to eat or drink along the way. Since booze is so cheap, this was not an issue.

We stopped for lunch around noon & the 4 of us each had a beer & sandwich for a total of $8.00 so again, not an issue. We were taken to a very reputable, family owned business where we were able to purchase certified, high quality pearls from a huge selection at very reasonable prices at a good exchange rate. Steve also took us to arrange our day of deep sea fishing. He looked after all the details including things I wouldn’t have thought of. He confirmed we would be picked up & dropped off at our resort, a meal & booze would be provided, we would be guaranteed to catch fish & most of all, we would be the only 2 passengers on the boat. All this for only $80.00 US each. The fishing trip turned out to be a very good experience & the shore lunch was fantastic. Steve also arranged for us to exchange some US cash & travelers cheques into Bolivars at a very good rate through one of his contacts. We spoke to others who decided to take other options to tour the island & when we compared stories, it was obvious that Crusin-N-Style is the way to go. If you plan to tour the island with Crusin-N-Style, book early as they are only 1 couple with 1 vehicle. Don’t hesitate to make your reservation from home before you leave.

read the review online:



Shopping Tours - Here you have the choice of shopping in as many stores as you choose and at your own leisure. I can recommend places or you may choose your own. I can either be with you while you're shopping or I can wait for you at a destination place until you are ready to go. The schedule and itinerary of our tours can be adjusted to suit you. Margarita also has a beautiful Sambil Mall that was built the 28th of May of 2001 with more than 200 stores to go shopping. Click here for photos added of the Sambil Mall.


Please send us your inquires with the date you'd like to have your tour, how many in your group, how many hours and please let us know if you're arriving on a cruiseship or just here on vacation.

Email: crusin_n_style_mv@yahoo.com

Cell: + 58 416 291 1926

Also please click here for a map print out once you've booked with us, Thank You !

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