Guide to Margarita’s Beaches and Woods – Bring your Bikini and a Knife

What to Do on Margarita’s Beaches?

The beaches are magnificent. They are magnet for tourists. There are the very first reason the tourists came to the island. The water is crystal clear. There are few different beaches, each offering something different – there are beaches with calm water, where you can spend a peaceful day and enjoy the calm water and fine white sand. A relaxing day, and the only sounds you’ll hear will be the birds singing, the waves calmly splashing the shores and the summer wind wishing you a good vacation.

However, there are other beaches as well. For the avid surfers, we have shores with curvy-tided waves, simply perfect for surfing and wind-surfing and other sports. Quite conveniently there are plenty of surf shops and schools around where you can rent or buy surf equipment.

Do you know that we have places to suit everyone’s taste? Empty or crowded. Calm-waters and big waves for surfers. Beach bars and discos, as well as hiking areas. We welcome everybody from around the world to come and join the party.

Most popular activities /in no particular order/

Let me briefly mention all daily activities that are most popular around Margarita Island:

Beach volleyball /get a pair of beach shoes as sands get quite hot/

Hiking in the woods /being good waterproof hiking shoes, ponchos and some warm clothes/. Also – make sure you always have a good sharp knife with you, just in case

Horse riding

Bird watching /the guides provide binoculars for a spectacular watch/

Jeep safaris

Tours around the island /bring a pair of comfortable shoes/

Kite surfing and wind-surfing /you can rent the equipment or bring yours/

Diving /you can rent the equipment or bring your own/

Sailing trips

Kayaking /you can rent the equipment or bring your own/

Lagoon boat trips

Air tours to Angel Falls

You can also go shopping as we have a number of shopping centers around, or hit the gyms to keep fit.

Whatever you do, we hope that you’ll enjoy your stay here!

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