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Margarita Island has many choices of beaches. There is one for everyone: With or without waves, with or without crowds, with or without wind, with or without hotels, with or without facilities (restaurants, shades, chairs...) On this page you will see pictures of Margarita'sbeaches, starting from Porlamar and going around the whole island.

Let’s say you’ve scored some waves at Parguito (the island’s best surfing beach), windsurfed at El Yaque, and grazed through the beach restaurants at Playa El Agua…and it’s time to kick back and watch the fishing catch unloaded at beaches such Manzanillo (at the northeastern tip), or take in the sunset at nearby Juangriego.

Then count your blessings, because you still have many other beaches to sample, including the more secluded strands of the western half of the island. Isla Margarita is a true tropical island.

Playa CaribeOne of the fashion beaches. This beach has great waves and nice restaurants. It is becoming a favorite for many people. Here you will find many quality beach restaurants, palm trees, and your desired tranquility. It has rough waters and it is 1.200 meters long. (0.8 miles). Close to Juangriego, passing by the Fortin de la Galera. Its landscape and clear waters captivate locals and visitors. Excellent services are offered, several renowned restaurants offer all services (showers, toilets) , shade and chair rental and service at the beach.
Located in a national park, 10 kilometers of beach unite the peninsula of Macanao to Margarita Island (6.2 miles) . It has waves and with many shells under the sand and calm waters. You can reach it by land, through the Macanao peninsula or by boat, through the mangroves of La Restinga. Definitely an "absolute must". 27 km of beach with sand composed of seashells with beautiful sunsets. You have to cross the La Restinga Lagoon to get there. Enjoy a 45 minute ride in one of the picturesque boats through the channels and tunnels of this mangrove lagoon, full of flamingos, seagulls, pelicans, parrots, sea horses (hipocampos) and starfish. Click here for a full page photo of an actual tourLa Restinga


Puntas ArenasFor those who are looking for a good beach, nice sand, not so many waves, this is probably your best choice. The long trip from Porlamar (70 km) is definitely worth it. Found in the most extreme western tip of the Island, this fine white sand beach is home for many of the local fishermen. Calm waters and 1.500 meters long. (0.9 miles). We recommend getting there in 4-wheel drive to be able to appreciate not only this beautiful beach but also it´s virgin surroundings. A magnificent beach in Macanao.
Just behind the airport is located one of the best windsurfing spots in the world. El Yaque has hardly any waves, few visitors, and shallow water, so we recommend it for children. It is a very pleasant beach, especially if you don't mind the wind. Nice coconut and palm trees. Very good restaurants. Located south of the airport. It offers excellent conditions for windsurf and kitesurf. The winds are perfect all year long with velocities up to 30 knots. This beach houses international competitions every year. There are hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and Windsurf and Kitesurf stations.El Yaque
ManzanilloA picturesque bay positioned among the mountains in the most extreme north/eastern point of the Island. Calm waters and 900 meters long. (0.5 miles). One of the most beautiful bays of Margarita. A fishermen village is located there. Watch the boats softly rocking on the waves and the fishermen repairing the nets. Take advantage of the opportunity to try "pescado sudado" (steamed fish) and fresh mussels.
The most well known tourist development on the Island. It offers a wide selection of restaurants to choose from along this palm tree studded beach. Rough waters and 4.000 m. Long (2.5 miles). Without a doubt, it is the most famous beach on Margarita Island. Plenty of palm trees give shelter to the numerous restaurants that offer their service directly chairs located in the fine sand. Most of the restaurants offer showers and toilets as well as a long list of tempting dishes, local ones as well as international ones. A cool and shady boulevard runs along the beach. Located at the beginning of the boulevard is a small picturesque free market where you can by beach towels, sun glasses, sandals, beach wear, tanning lotion and much more at reasonable prices. This beach is favored by both locals and visitors because of beauty and variety of services. Huge beach parties are organized in the tourist season. This is definitely one of Margarita's beaches you won't want to miss.El Agua






CocheAlthough it is not located in Margarita, for many its Margarita's best beach. With it's white sand, blue seas, nice breeze, and its seclusion Coche is a vacationer's paradise. If you don't want to stay in Coche overnight, you can take a highly recommended "day tour". It is located to the South of Margarita Island. The island has beautiful beaches of shining sands and crystalline waters, in addition to its diverse colorful landscapes.
This is THE in beach for the younger crowd. La Caracola is located in a part of Porlamar known as Costa Azul which is the area around the Margarita Hilton. This beach has semi strong shallow waves and 1.000 meters long (0.6 miles). It runs in the same direction as Avenida Bolivar with easy access. There is plenty of open space to park your car. However, the beach is closed to traffic form 6 am to 9 am and again from 5 pm to 7pm. It is a very popular beach with locals as an open air exercise area.La Caracola
GuacucoPopular among local patrons, it has yet to be frequented by tourists. It's easy to understand Guacuco's popularity once you've seen shallow waves and 2.000 meters of beach. One and a half kilometers of soft waves and crystal clear water that reflects the color of the slightly red fine sand. It has its name due to the abundance of clams found here. Try it, collect them right on the beach, it is really easy. Don't leave before you try the Crema de Guacuco or Pasta with Guacuco, they are both really special treats.
The large picturesque bay of Pampatar serves as one of the most important ports for the local fishermen. Pampatar Beach is 3.000 meters long with 1.5 Km of golden sand lining the tranquil waters. The beach is lined with many quaint restaurants and bars. The palm-shaded beach is 20 m wide with gentle waves , and warm waters that start to deepen about 7 m out. If you like the idea of watching sleepy pelicans resting perched on wooden boats on a picturesque Caribbean bay, this is a place not to be missed. Come and share with the locals the easy going fishermen’s shore side of life after a long and tough day's work. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon before sunset. Pampatar
ParguitoSince the waves are quite strong, Parguito is very popular among the surfers. Parguito has rough waters and it is 900 meters long. (0.6 miles). Under its palm trees on the beach, you will find restaurants with complete public services. Nowadays it is one of the fashion beaches. It is smaller than Playa El Agua but has nice waves and it's one of the surfer's favorite choice. On this beach are several good restaurants and kiosks with unsalted water showers.
El Tirano is relatively a small beach, but very pleasant and it is not so crowded. The best part of this beach is used by the guests of the Barceló Pueblo Caribe hotel. In the Guaquerí language the island of Margarita was known as Paraguachoa: "abundance of fish". Paraguachí signifies "abundance of lobster". Playa Paraguachi
Bella Vista is affectionately known as the beach of Porlamar, offering many fine restaurants among scattered palm trees. This beach has calm waters and it is 1.000 meters long. (0.6 miles).
Playa El Yaque is world famous among windsurfing enthusiasts. El Yaque is a fishermen village and a beach with the same name. The beach extends along 2 Km of white sand. It is 15m wide and deepens beyond 14m from shore. There is a gentle surf, palm trees and good wind. It is also ideal for children, because the waters are shallow and warm.
Playa El Yaque
Playa La Galera is located beside Juangriego bay, just east of the town, this beach offers its patrons shade huts, jet ski rentals, and restaurants. This beach has calm waters and it is 1.200 meters long. (0.8 miles).

Puerto Cruz is the widest and windiest beach of the Island. You will find this beach to have many palm trees, shade huts and public services. It also has rough waters and 1.000 meters long. (0.6 miles).

Puerto Viejo is located beside Puerto Cruz, this beach is much calmer, hence it is more inviting for children and the less experienced swimmers. This beach has calm waters and 700 meters long. (0.4 miles).

Playa Las Lajas is a charming little beach just after Punta Arenas. You can walk there from Playa Manzanillo, climbing over the rocks or by car taking the mud road behind the Restaurant. It is a delicious little beach and with lots of privacy to be alone.

Playa Zaragoza is in the center of the village Pedro Gonzalez. You can watch the fishing boats anchored in the deep, cold and tranquil waters. There is also a boulevard on this beach that is boarded by colonial houses and it looks very beautiful. On this boulevard you can find food, drinks and nautical sports.
Playa La Pared

Playa La Pared is very nice beach and it is not known at all. This beach is located north of the peninsula of Macanao. It has No facilities and almost nobody around. A good choice if you want to be far from the crowds. There is a restaurant nearby. Magnificent sunsets and complete tranquility are guaranteed. Please note that no public services are available on this beach. This beach has rough waters and it is 1.500 meters long.


Click here for more in-depth info about each of these beaches.


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