Margarita Island Overview

margarita islandMargarita is the largest island in Nueva Esparta (Venezuela), situated off the northeastern coast of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. Nueva Esparta State consists of three islands: Margarita Island, Coche Island and Cubagua Island. You will more than likely see the brighter side of Margarita first. The east end of Margarita island has considerable resort development. The west end of Margarita Island is the Macanao Peninsula. Isla Margarita is somewhat still not quite popular tourist destination but, the island is full of friendly people, amazing beaches and wonderful sunsets over the ocean.

It is called the Pearl of the Carribean for a good reason, and you will only understand it fully when you come and visit this magical place. But first, let me give you a

Quick overview of the island:

hotel-lti-costa-caribe-propertyName: Margarita Island

Nickname: Pearl of the Caribbean

Location: Caribbean Sea

Area: 1020

Climate: sunny and dry; average temperatures range from 24 to 37 °C


Margarita Island is a fabulous place for relaxation. When you come to visit, you will enjoy a quiet, sunny and relaxing time. Margarita has evolve a lot during the last years, and has turned into a place where many Americans and Europeans want to buy a vacation apartment /condo/.

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