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Can you imagine life without your cell phone just because your on vacation overseas? Wouldn't it make your vacation so much easier to be able to have a cell phone while you are here on the Island. Many cellular phones stop working at the border, and very few work overseas. So while you are here at Margarita we would like to offer you a CDMA or TDMA cell phone to use. We provide you with FREE drop off service at the airport and pick up when your vacation is over.

We will include a 10,000 bs calling card already in your rental phone and should you decide you would like to add more calling cards to the phone we will have more cards readily available for you to purchase from us.

If you use the cell phone locally the rate is about 1,000 bs per minute. 1,000 bs x 10 minutes comes out to 10,000 bs. You can also purchase the card anywhere on the island that sells Movilnet UN1CA cards. At internet shops sometimes, a the Sambil mall, gas stations pretty much anywhere you see the Movilnet UN1CA sign advertised.

While you are here, our Movilnet cell phones can call out long distance to the states. Also your family members that will not be traveling with you can also call you while your here in Margarita. We can send you the cell number via email before you travel here to give out to your family.

Here, in Venezuela, our calling card are not based upon minutes like those that they sell in the states. Here our cell phones are like a regular telephones but Mobil. In Venezuela we are charged a certain fee for local calls like from Movilnet to Movilet cells that begin with 416 its a cheaper rate than calling a Telcel number (414) still local but its a different phone company. Thankfully Movilnet is very common and most people here have both or just Movilnet cell phones numbers.

Basically we estimate the rates and we say estimate is because the phone company here (Movilnet) says that we are suppose to be charged 320 bs per minute but with our own experience having called the states to talk for 20 minutes at least we would normally use 20,000 bs of talk time. We have 10,000 bs in the cell to start with that are free for you to use. If you feel that you need more money because you 'know' you'll be making long distance calls then we can always add in more money in your phone and you can pay us the difference when you arrive.

You can also just leave it at the free 10,000 bs and purchase cards anywhere on the island to refill the cell rental. We provide you with a calling card for you to know exactly what you will need to buy to refill the phone if that's what you would prefer to do. Each 10,000 bs that you use in the cell is $5.00. A person who recently rented a cell was here on the island for 2 weeks and he was working with a realtor and calling the states so to start off with he requested that we have 60,000 bs worth of cards in his cell rental. We only charged him for quantity (5) of the 10,000 bs cards since we offer the first 10,000 bs for free. All he owed us extra was $25.00 ....again this is just an actual example but to help you hopefully understand the way it all works here. Anyone of course can call you from the states and it will not cost you anything, last we heard it was about $2.00 or something like that for someone to call from the states to Venezuela. So in a way it's way cheaper for us to call from here.

There is a $20.00 deposit which will be refunded to you at pick up time if there is no damage, or returned in the same condition as it was given to you. Our rental fee is $2.50 per day. Please pay with US funds. Payment and Deposit will be collected upon your arrival at the airport.

Please bring the correct amount for your total days for payment, and the $20.00 for the deposit with you to the airport. It needs to be handed in upon your arrival when you are met with your cell phone.

If you not sure or unclear about anything please let us know right away and we'll explain better or leave no questions unanswered.

Here's what you will receive :

1 Nokia cell phone

included 10,000 bs calling card in phone

Nokia Charger

We ask that you send your request in at least 1 week in advance please. We need to know your travel dates and what Airlines will you be traveling on. We will await your arrival and will have someone there personally waiting for you at your gate with your last name on a sign.


Reservations: Please send us your Flight Itinerary, we also now only accept cell rentals for no less than 8 days.... with the stipulation of IF you can only rent a cell for less than 8 days will need to pay $20.00 (even if your rental is less than the 8 days). We appreciate your understanding.


Please send us an email at: info@margaritaislandvacation.info

Due to high SPAM messages we discontinued use of our online form and have not hyper-linked our email address above, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenienceback to top!

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