Sewing on the Road: Taking Your sewing machine on Vacation

Some people may call it a curse, others may call it a type of addiction but I don’t really care about all that, I can’t forget about sewing even when I’m on a vacation. So I always carry my mini sewing machine Janome Fuschia around with me, no matter where I’m going.or how long I’ll be staying there. Well I’m exactly not going to carry it if I’m going away for just a day but you get the point.

So If you’re like me and you don’t quite love the thought of being separated from sewing, stick around for a while. Because I’ll be showing you all my tips and tricks I use so that I can travel with my sewing machine wherever I need or want to. Having said that, here are my top four tips for taking your mini sewing machine on a vacation with you.

First Tip: Proper Packaging

You won’t get far with your sewing machine if you don’t pack it up accordingly. Not only that but you’ll also have trouble carrying your accessories around if they aren’t gathered in specific containers. Since the machine itself takes up most of the space out of all the sewing tools, you should find an appropriate container for it first, then move on to packing the small stuff.

I like to fit my machine into a backpack because I find it much easier to carry while it’s on my back than in one hand. Get a bunch of little boxes or crates for the accessories and you’re good to go. I recommend using empty ointment containers, they’re sturdy enough and they won’t open too easily so you don’t need to worry about them spilling all over the insides of your traveling bags.

Second tip: Extension Cords

Let’s be real here, hotel rooms have way too few outlets in them. If you’re charging your phone and you need to plug your laptop to a power source, you’ll most likely have to unplug the TV to do so. So if you’re using a sewers machine, your devices won’t get to be charged properly. But if you carry extension cords with you, you’ll be carefree, as far as electricity goes.

Third tip: Don’t Forget Your Maintenance Kit

Oil, brushes, screwdrivers, a cleaning cloth, but also tweezers, spare needles and spools should be an important part of your sewing arsenal on the road. You don’t want to find yourself being unable to sew just because your machine came too loose. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Fourth Tip: Bring a Trashcan

Sewing does leave some residual junk like threads, fabric bits and crumbs around behind you when you’re finished. But you don’t have to be a slob and make a mess in your hotel room. Respect the staff that’s cleaning your room by using a trashcan for the sewing waste. I recommend using a foldable bin that’s made from a soft material since they’re the easiest to carry around.

There you have it, those were my secret tips for sewing on the road. Enjoy your vacation on Margarita Island now!

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