Should you rent or buy your own workout gear?

Staying fit during your holiday is no longer a foggy dream. It is becoming a reality with the efforts of the fitness friendly hotels. More and more hotels embrace the practice and offer fitness gear for rent. The good news is that the prices are low and you can get a pair of running shoes for just 5 bucks for your whole stay. The hotels are offering both footwear and apparel for workouts so their guests don’t have to think about packing their own. You can get everything – pants, shirts, socks and even sport bras.

wgIf you are disgusted from the mere thought of wearing someone else’s socks, here is surprise for you: Westin hotels offer you a new pair of socks that you can keep. They will also give you a one-time coupon so you can get a Reebok or New Balance apparel and footwear for a good discount when you get home.

I never dreamt about this, but here is another perk: at some of the hotels you can request and mp3 player (with playlists included) and a mat to waiting for you at your check in! Now that’s awesome, isn’t it?

Sure enough, as awesome as it sounds, it has few disadvantages. We mentioned about it at the beginning, but some people just can’t bring themselves to wear clothes that someone else has worn. Especially workout clothes. Workouts involve a lot of hard work and .. sweating, so not being in our own shoes and tops brings a dilemma.

However, the idea is quite cool. You can workout during your holiday even if you forgot to pack your gear.

All Fitaholics, beware! A cool new project is approaching. Would you rent your workout gear?

  1. Sure, I will travel light
  2. No, I prefer wearing my own gear
  3. I may rent everything but the shoes
  4. Something else

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